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Thoughts and poems.
Photo's of me and people I love...
Thoughts and poems.

Either you can like them or not there are some new and some old. Yet new words are filling my heart and pouring from my soul.


The Dream...

I had the dream, again, last night,

you were there with open arms

waiting for me to join you......

The smile on your face,

the light in your eyes

said it all.......You came to rescue me,

to give me love,

life.......You knew I wanted to live again

to be free to laugh,

love......You could feel it in my words,

in my actions

and you came for me......

And I ran to you, to hold you,

to love you.......But then I woke up

and you were gone

and my life remains the same.......

Until I fall asleep tonight.....



The dream 2.


I dreamed of you again last night. My sweetest moments in life are when we are together, in my dreams. The anticipation, before lips meet, luscious and warm. Gasping as you tease me with your tongue, losing all control as our bodies press together. Hands searching, exploring hot skin, creating searing heat. Your gentle caress bringing that delicious aching torture. Words whispered into my ear remind me how right this is. And then I am inside of you slowly, this is how we are meant to be, as one. Sensations build as we experience ecstasy together. As the shuddering pleasure subsides, we lie together, entwined, and still joined. Then my eyes open and the disappointment rushes in as I realize that it was never real. Yet each moment of each day my body aches for you. Oceans apart, but still joined….. Until I fall asleep again

Six Silent Tears


Last night before I went to bed,

Thoughts of you filled my head.

Though I have not cried this way in many years,

Onto my pillow fell six silent tears.

The first was for your smile that I miss,

The second was the thought of your warm, loving embrace

The third came to me as no surprise,

As I thought of your beautiful eyes.

After this the fourth came rolling,

Instead of my pillow, it was you I should have been holding.

The fifth came for one reason alone,

I felt my feelings for you was not fully shown.

I feel myself falling in love you my dear, there just fell,

      The Sixth Silent Tear.

Did you know!
Did you know that god above,
created you for me to love.
he picked you from all the rest,
because he knew I would love you the best.
I had a heart and it is true,
but now it's gone from me to you.
Take care of it as I have done,
Fore you have two and I have none.
If I'm in heaven before you're there,
I'll write your name in the golden stairs
so all the angels there can see
just how much you mean to me.
If you're not there by judgement day
I'll know you've gone the other way.
I'll give the angels back their wings,
Golden harps and silver strings.
And just to prove what love can do
I will go to hell to be with you......

I know....


I know things arent right

I know they are all messed up

I want you to know

That I love you so.


We will work through these things

Together side by side

It will not be easy

Its going to be a rough ride


Time is all we have

And it will work in our favor

At some point in our life

There will be moments to savor


I told you once, I will tell you again

You are my saving grace

In my newfound life

In my heart you have a special place


I’m here to listen to all your thoughts

To listen to all your woes

I will not always like what’s said

But just remember. I love you so

Just a few reasons why I love you....

I love you no matter what. Despite any obstacles that come our way and all the many differences we've shared, I find myself loving you more with time. I love when our moods vary and when our opinions go in opposite directions. I love you when your ideas aren't quite the same as mine and our beliefs clash. I love you when you take a stand on what you feel is absolutely right, even if I don’t feel the same way. I even love you when your tired and grumpy (and way to fucked up) and don’t want much to do with me or anyone at that moment. What I am trying to say is that I love you no matter what, even as we struggle to be our own individuals. It doesn't matter how different we may be, As I have spent more and more time with you, I have learned that I love you most of all because you are different from me and can express it and the way you treat me. I love you for what you believe, for the emotions you feel, and for the ideas that help me open my own mind to possibilities I have not yet explored. I love you angel with all my heart and hope this makes yourday brighter when you read it.

If you should.....



If you should ever shed a tear,

I'll gently kiss it gone my dear.

If you should need me in the night,

I'll be right there to hold you tight.

 If you should feel too weak to stand,

I'll carry you, just hold my hand.

If you should feel that it is cold,

My jacket's yours to wear or hold.

If you should seek me for support,

I'll give no less than what you sought.

If you should need a hug or kiss,

I'll be right there, I'd hate to miss.

If you should say you're feeling down,

I'll send you roses, flip your frown.

If you should say you'll be with me,

I'll do this and more just wait and see